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Injuries Covered By New York Workers’ Compensation Laws

No matter what the degree of injury or illness, certain medical and non-medical criteria must be proven before Suffolk County Workers' Compensation can be paid to injured workers:The injured worker was employed by an employer required to carry Workers’ Compensation for its employees.

What is Required for Workers’ Compensation

The injured worker's job description and position were required to have Workers’ Compensation under New York Law.The injuries sustained were a direct result of the worker's performance on the job of his specified duties.Written Notice of the details of the injury or illness was sent to the employer within 30 days of the date of the incident.A Medical report listing the injury or illness was a result of the worker's performance of his job for the company.

Filing Counter Claims for Workers’ Compensation

Since employers and third parties involved in the Workers' Compensation claim process can file counter claims or other requests for proof...
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How Does the Tradeoff in NY Workers’ Compensation Affect Employees Today?

What important history lies behind the work injury compensation lawyers Suffolk County residents seek out regarding work-related injuries? A recent blog in the Insurance Journal recently links Workers’ Compensation protection to 18th century pirates, 19th century worksite reform in Germany, and a 20th century tradeoff in New York Workers’ Compensation policies. (more…)...
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Why Workers’ Compensation Benefits are Often Discontinued or Not Approved for

According to NYS law, if you are hurt or become disabled while on the job, you are entitled to receive workman's compensation. If, at any time, during this period, you find out that your benefits are going to be terminated, and you are still unable to perform your on-the-job duties, you need to contact a Suffolk County Workers' Compensation attorney. Our attorney, Robert Golan, PC is trained in every aspect of the law governing disability and work tirelessly to see to it that you receive the benefits you are entitled to. (more…)...
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