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Handling Your Employer During A Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you file a Workers’ Compensation claim due to a work injury, you may find that your employer is not as supportive as you might expect. Your boss may seem more concerned with how your injury affects their bottom line than your recovery

Why Company’s Challenge Workers’ Compensation Claims

Your company may challenge your claim if they feel that they are not responsible for you injury or illness. Most companies consider their employees to be assets. Unfortunately, when you are injured at work you become an instant liability. Your employer may challenge your worker’s comp claim if they believe that:- You are embellishing or exaggerating the seriousness of your injury/illness - You have not returned to work after what they consider being ample recovery time - Your injury occurred elsewhere or that you had an injury or condition before your claim

Tips on Going Back to Work Despite an Ongoing Claim Dispute

Discovering that your employer...
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Work Injury Compensation for Construction Site Accidents

Every person who is working in the construction field is well aware of the fact they may be at risk of becoming a victim due to an accident. A construction site may pose numerous dangers. Accidents on these sites happen fast.The result of a construction site accident may include the following:
  • Bodily harm
  • Serious injury
  • Long or short term pain
If you have been involved in a construction site accident, you may be compensated for any injuries that have been caused by the accident. It may prove to be wise to seek legal assistance in order to receive compensation for any acquired medical bills.

Compensation for Construction Site Victims in New York

Compensation is available for those who are victims of a construction site accident in New York. At Robert Golan, PC, our Long Island injury lawyer is beneficial in assisting a victim in obtaining compensation for injuries.

Financial Compensation

If you or a loved one has...
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