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Latest Study on Trends in New York Workers’ Compensation

In 2007, sweeping reform was made to the Workers' Compensation rules of New York. Since that time, the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) has been tracking the adjustments to the older regulations. This yearly study has uncovered some interesting facts, and also shows why hiring a work injury lawyer, Nassau based, can help you with questions on the new system. (more…)...
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How a Nassau Workers’ Compensation Disability Attorney Can Help You Receive Cardiovascular Benefits

Cardiovascular diseases are covered by social security disability benefits granted by the Social Security Administration. Benefits are available no matter if you have had the condition since you were a child or developed it later. That means if you or a loved one has a heart or circulatory disease, you may want to apply for disability benefits, including caretaker benefits, if eligible.

How Nassau Workers’ Compensation Covers Cardiovascular Disability

A stressful job certainly does a lot to increase your risk of having a cardiac event like a heart attack. Conditions like these and the treatments, such as surgery, can make it hard for you to get back to work. Moreover, you may become depressed. There are a number of reasons you may not be able to return to work directly when you have cardiovascular issues, which is why benefits may be important for both you and your family.

How a Nassau Workers’ Compensation...

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A Nassau Work Injury Lawyer Answers: What Are the Reasons Why an Injured Worker May Not Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Those who appear to meet all of the eligibility requirements for Workers’ Compensation still may not qualify. This can be due to one of several reasons.Sometimes failure to qualify is simply due to the current Workers’ Compensation laws in their state. It could be because he or she falls into one of the exempt categories. If your employer tells you that you fall into one of these categories, and that you do not qualify for benefits, you may want to seek out a local Nassau Workers’ Compensation attorney for the surrounding areas of Long Island.The exempt categories include:• Domestic workers, such as housekeepers or babysitters, are not always covered. These employees are those who work within the home. In many states, employers are not required to cover these employees.• Agricultural and farm workers are exempt in most states. However, note that not every person who works on a farm...
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