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Why You Need A Workers Comp Lawyer To Help Fight For Your Rights

Rightful Claims Are Routinely Denied

The whole idea behind Workers’ Comp is to help people who are injured on the job or have fallen ill and are unable to work. Of course, that may be the idea but these days it often isn't the case. New statistics point out that most initial claims are now denied because many states have lowered benefits making it nearly impossible for workers to receive the compensation they deserve. This is not a good area for "Do It Yourself" representation, and the first thing you should do if you've been injured or are ill is call a qualified work accident compensation lawyer on Long Island immediately.

Missed Details Often Cause A Claim To Be Lost

Every detail, no matter how small is important. Since workers comp claims are mainly generated by injures received at work, all medical evidence is crucial...
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Guide to Compensation to Injured Construction Workers

Those who work in the construction industry are aware of the risks and know that their employers are too. These workers do what they can to protect themselves on the job and have every right to expect their employers to do the same.Unfortunately, preventable accidents resulting in serious injuries and tragic deaths occur on job sites every year. When these deaths and injuries occur due to a lack of employee training or access to safety equipment such as fall arrest devices, workers and their families can get help.

Compensation for Workers and Families

While Workers' Compensation benefits will cover injuries sustained on the job, they may not be an injured employee's only source of compensation. In some instances, a third-party claim may be appropriate.A third-party claim is on in which the worker files suit against someone other than his employer, such as a property owner, property manager, sub-contractor or equipment manufacturer. If...
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A Lawyer Answers: What Does a Long Island Work Injury Compensation Lawyer Do for My Case?

Under New York law, injured workers have a limited time of two years following an accident to file a Workers' Compensation claim. If the worker has contracted a disease following an incident at his or her place of employment, then the two-year rule can be adjusted, extending the rule to two years from the date of diagnosis. Contacting a Long Island work injury compensation lawyer will provide the proper representation and information needed for anyone that believes they have a case.What a Long Island Work Injury Compensation Lawyer Does for Your CaseThe chosen Long Island work accident compensation lawyer will assist in filing a special form with the New York Workers’ Compensation Board. The form required is a C-3 form. The notice of injury is sent to the employer.The case will proceed through several steps and requires specific information the Long Island work injury lawyer works on, including...
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