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The Top On-the-Job Injuries of Machinery

Using machinery every day is a high risk for major injuries on the job. Serious accidents have occurred for workers on Long Island. From power tools to saws, hammers, heat guns, and high equipment machinery, each of these are hazardous enough to cause a major, potentially fatal injury. With the guidance of our Long Island Workers’ Compensation attorney, you can begin the process to receive Workers’ compensation for your injuries.Here’s a list of some of the injuries workers have received on the job:
  • Burns
  • Lifting injuries
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Shoulder and neck
  • Hearing and vision loss
  • Construction
  • Illnesses
  • Broken bones
  • Knee
  • Back
  • Regional pain
With heavy equipment, it could be unsafe to use due to the environment, the stability of the worker (s) around you, and other safety factors. There could be negligent workers who cause an injury, bad practices, no follow through on safety procedures, repairs that are needed on equipment, and no safety protection.The machinery you’re using could be in...
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The Impact of Ineffective Treatment in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Working with insurance companies can be difficult at best and sometimes impossible while you continue to suffer with a work injury. Waiting for approval for that pain medication or a needed procedure? At times like these, it is necessary to expedite the Workers' Compensation claim and prevent unnecessary suffering and pain.

The Most Significant Work Injuries in the US

Although the best course of action may be physical therapy or chiropractic care to treat pain, many times narcotic painkillers are prescribed to enable the worker a quicker return to work. Records from the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics state that strains or sprains account for around 43 percent of workplace injuries in the US. Back and shoulder pain accounts for around 60 percent of treated injuries, which can result in missed work and doctor's care.

How Prescriptions Slow the Return to Work

Studies have shown that in many instances painkillers can...
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Get Your Queens Workers’ Compensation Case Started – Here’s How

While the Workers' Compensation system seems like it might be easy, there are complications. An employer might refuse to recognize the injury as work-related, for example. Or they may say that the medical treatment received or the disability pay sought is unwarranted.

How a Queens Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Gets Your Case Started

In these cases you may need to consider Workers' Compensation lawyer for your Queens case. This attorney may file a motion for benefits with the New York State Workers' Compensation Division on the employee's behalf. Then the case will be assigned to a judge in a special Administrative law proceeding.

Expecting Retaliation from Employers

Another worry for employees with Workers' Compensation claims is that the employer may attempt to retaliate against the employee. Anything from false write-ups to cut hours or forced shift changes and transfers may hinder the ability of the employee to do their job safely and to their usual...
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