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The Impact of Ineffective Treatment in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Working with insurance companies can be difficult at best and sometimes impossible while you continue to suffer with a work injury. Waiting for approval for that pain medication or a needed procedure? At times like these, it is necessary to expedite the Workers' Compensation claim and prevent unnecessary suffering and pain.

The Most Significant Work Injuries in the US

Although the best course of action may be physical therapy or chiropractic care to treat pain, many times narcotic painkillers are prescribed to enable the worker a quicker return to work. Records from the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics state that strains or sprains account for around 43 percent of workplace injuries in the US. Back and shoulder pain accounts for around 60 percent of treated injuries, which can result in missed work and doctor's care.

How Prescriptions Slow the Return to Work

Studies have shown that in many instances painkillers can...
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Heavy Trucks Can Cause Work Accidents On the Road

Heavy transport trucks are required to carry various levels of insurance coverage that is dependent on the nature of the materials being hauled. In truck collisions, it is common for leasing companies to fight over which company is responsible for compensating the victim. There are federal regulations in place to protect innocent victims by helping to ensure coverage. (more…)...
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If I file a claim for Workers’ Compensation, can I be fired by my employer?

Many people want to find out from a Queens work injury lawyer if they can get fired while receiving or seeking Workers' Compensation benefits. While an employer does not have to keep your job open, you cannot be terminated or discriminated against just because you are claiming or receiving Workers' Compensation.

What happens if I have proof my employer fired me because I filed a claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits?

If you have proof that your employer purposely or intentionally fired you because you filed a claim for Workers' Compensation benefits, you have the right to sue your employer. Because of wrongful discharge, you may be entitled to additional compensation beyond what you're receiving from Workers' Compensation.

Keep Your Employer Informed About Your Intentions for Employment

Our Queens Workers' Compensation attorney finds that having an open dialogue with your employer is a way to ensure that your employment will remain available. Talk to your...
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