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Key Things to Know About Worker’s Compensation Insurance

We have some Q & A action in this blog post where we dive in deep to look at your questions.

Do you often wonder who will cover your medical bills if you have experienced an injury as the result of a workplace accident?

The Worker's Comp insurance company with whom your employer has a policy is 100 percent responsible for all medical charges connected to your work injury considered reasonable and necessary. You pay no deductibles or co-pays. You are never responsible for paying any part of your medical costs, including ambulance service, physicians, hospital stays, tests, crutches, physical therapy and prescription medications. All medical expenses outlined as necessary and reasonable in the Workers' Compensation Board Medical Guidelines are covered.Once you inform your medical provider that your injury is work-related, he or she cannot ever demand direct payment from you or your regular medical insurance policy. Don't be intimidated. A judge...
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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Discusses Physical Disfigurement Issues Resulting from Accidents in Queens

A multitude of issues can result from a workplace accident. Not only does the apparent physical disfigurement cause trauma for the individual, but emotional trauma stems from these physical disfigurements as well. Facial disfigurements are some of the most traumatic accidents, when it comes to the location of an individual's unfortunate injury. Facial disfigurements can lead to psychological damage on top of the possibility of hearing and sight loss. (more…)...
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Why it is Important to Seek a Work Accident Compensation Lawyer for Knee and Shoulder Injuries

Knee injuries can put an individual out for months. Their knee may never be the same. Common knee injuries, like a torn ACL, tearing in other ligaments, or a torn meniscus can cause lifelong pain and discomfort. (more…)...
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