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Returning To Light Duty After A Workers’ Compensation Injury

In the majority of states, if a worker files for Worker's Compensation benefits but is able to perform light duties, it is imperative that the employer permit the individual to return to the position he or she held previously, or an equivalent position.

What Does it Mean Compensation Wise to Return to Light Duty?

On the contrary, in some states, returning to work with a light duty status can signify that the employee will need to be paid Workers' Compensation to account for the difference in salary; meaning that the person needs to be earning the same amount as before. Unfortunately, there are some employers who will say they do not have any positions available that could be classified as "light" in an attempt not to pay Workers' Compensation.

Laws Change – How Does It Impact Permanent Disability Benefits?

Keep in mind that there are several states where the law has recently changed in...
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Understand Employers’ Responsibilities Under the Workers’ Compensation Laws in Nassau

Workers’ Compensation laws are a protection for employees who may have accidents or injuries while on the job. Workers' Compensation laws include medical care, rehabilitation services, indemnity wages, and death benefits.Under these laws, every employer pays benefits directly to their employees or buys insurance. Failure to secure Workers’ Compensation insurance leaves employers liable. They could experience criminal prosecution, fines, and other civil liabilities.Limited categories exempt some employers. The majority of employers are responsible for employees injured on the job.

What Workers’ Compensation Covers

The Workers’ Compensation laws only cover job-related illnesses or injuries. This may include, but are not limited to, the following instances:
  • Sudden accidents such as falling or slipping
  • Injuries while on office errands
  • Computer-related stress injuries such as eyestrain, back problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Radiation
  • Air pollution
  • Exposure to chemicals in the workplace
  • Illnesses may result from working conditions. These could include lung disease, heart conditions and digestive problems resulting from stress.
Our Nassau Workers' Compensation...
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The Top 5 Types of Workers’ Compensation in Nassau

Workers' Compensation can be confusing. However, Robert Golan, PC, a Nassau work accident compensation lawyer helps you understand the types of Workers’ Compensation and process.Compensation is divided into two-week long pay periods. The benefit rate is determined by date of injury. There is a current weekly maximum amount, which is designed to ensure a worker does not receive compensation exceeding weekly state maximum. (more…)...
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