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The Top 5 Types of Workers’ Compensation in Nassau

Workers' Compensation can be confusing. However, Robert Golan, PC, a Nassau work accident compensation lawyer helps you understand the types of Workers’ Compensation and process.Compensation is divided into two-week long pay periods. The benefit rate is determined by date of injury. There is a current weekly maximum amount, which is designed to ensure a worker does not receive compensation exceeding weekly state maximum. (more…)...
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Types of Settlements for Workers’ Compensation Claims in Nassau

Workers’ Compensation benefits are designed to cover an employee's wages and medical costs, which include rehabilitation, in case they get injured on the job and are unable to work. Although these benefits are legally guaranteed to every employee who has workers' compensation insurance, they are often not easily obtained. That is when you may require the services of an experienced attorney. (more…)...
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The Top 10 Accidents in the Workplace a Nassau Work Accident Compensation Lawyer Assists Employees to File a Claim

Nassau workers compensation attorney professionals are kept busy when there are accidents on the job. A Nassau work injury compensation lawyer will want to know all the details about how an employee was injured. This list shows the ten most common ways an employee is injured on the job.1. Violence On The Job – There are arguments that can lead to physical attacks. Training should be given to all employees on avoiding violence on the job.2. Injuries From Repetitive Movements – Using a computer or typing on a regular basis can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and vision problems. Employees should be trained to use ergonomic equipment to help avoid these types of injuries.3. Entanglement In A Machine – Using heavy machinery and equipment can cause these accidents. It is always recommended that employees wear the proper protective gear.4. Accidents In Vehicles – This type of injury occurs...
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