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What’s Covered Under The Workers’ Compensation Law On Long Island?

Over the past decade, the State of New York has come up with comprehensive legislature to protect the rights of workers who get injured on the job. Previously, employers would suffer loss from their employee’s effort to secure compensation for such injuries. The animosity they felt towards such employees has been averted since employers can avoid such expenses by getting Workers’ Compensation insurance.Under the Workers’ Compensation law, any injury that results on industry premises, or while executing industry duties, may be compensated. In a situation where a worker does not file a Workers’ Compensation claim, they are likely to lose their rights to benefits and medical care.Workers’ Compensation law judges may assist employees who do not have an attorney. If the circumstances result in complicated cases, which the employer on different grounds contests most cases, and then you have to appeal, you can...
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Why Should You Purchase Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

For employers on Long Island and throughout the state of New York, Workers’ Compensation insurance plans offer protection for most of the expenses you may incur when employees are injured on the job.These expenses include:
  • Medical care injury or illness as long as it is directly related to performance of duties on the job
  • Temporary or permanent disability payments to the employee if the injury or illness prevents them from working
  • Death benefits for the employee’s family if the injury or illness leads to the death of the employee
Many plans also offer legal representation for the employer should litigation or arbitration arise as a result of the employee's work-related injury or illness, as well as protections from lawsuits against employees as a result of injuries or illnesses incurred by their employees on the job. To find out more about these types of plans, you can contact Robert Golan’s Long...
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The Top 6 Reasons for Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Often, workers are denied compensation for a number of reasons. An insurance company or Long Island Workers’ Compensation Board commonly performs denial. Our law firm works with you through the entire process with personal attention by Robert Golan, PC, in defending your Workers’ Compensation case.As an experienced law firm in all matters concerning Workers’ Compensation, we know all the common excuses that are often given for any denial as well as how to counter them. Some of the most used reasons for denial are given as follows:
  1. Claim that the injury was as a result of a preexisting condition. This reason is widely used by insurance companies to avoid paying for injuries. Note that, if for example, a previous injury is worsened by the current work done by the individual, then compensation should be approved.
  2. Some employers list their workers as independent contractors to avoid any...
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