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What You Should Know About Work Compensation Injuries

Workers’ Compensation is a weighty issue in so many organizations and companies. In some places, personnel department handles compensation claims, whereas in other places, a risk manager or insurance purchasing manager does it. As a worker, you should be in a position to know who is responsible for such claims in your organization.The specialist does take care of employees’ injury claims because they are not like any other medical case. They involve certain investigations, which are at the same time the case is reported. Here are some of the investigations that are necessary.- Establishing whether the accident occurred in the course of duty - Consulting the relevant insurance coverIf the injury is severe, then OSHA investigation is necessary. The company takes immediate action to prevent injuries of the same nature in future.So many bodies that give insurance services, it is, therefore, good to...
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Why It is Important to Hire a Work Accident Compensation Lawyer for Your Long Island Case

In order to maneuver through the legal system while seeking compensation for a work related injury, be sure to include the expertise of a Long Island work accident compensation lawyer. Most companies have lawyers on retainer to handle any legal matters that arise. (more…)...
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What You Should Know About Your Worker’s Compensation Rights When Filing A Claim Through Your Employer

Workers’ compensation is a good and helpful program for those who do not encounter any problems collecting their funds. However, sometimes collecting the compensation is not so easy due to a lack of willingness of the employer to cooperate in paying benefits. In situations like these, you will benefit by consulting a Long Island work accident compensation lawyer. The only thing usually needed to receive benefits, is to show a disability, illness, or injury related to the job. (more…)...
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