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Learn about the most common workplace accidents that can occur in workplaces on Long Island and how to receive compensation.

Injured Workers Suffer these Most Common Injuries in the Construction Industry

Any worker who is injured on the job may, in most cases, be eligible or protected by Workers’ Compensation law. Once workers begin any job, they should read about whether the state law is in effect or not prior to signing up as an employee, especially if the position is a high-risk job.The main purpose of Workers’ Compensation is providing an employee who has been injured on the job medical care, as well as lost wages, and even job related disability for ongoing illness.Workers’ Compensation happens mostly in the construction industry due to the high risk of injuries.Some of the more common injury types include:
  • Falling off a ladder
  • Falling from a high-work area
  • Back, knee, joint injuries from lifting heavy objects
From the employer perspective, accidents can be a good or not-so-good conundrum. Even though the employing company has to pay the Workers’ Compensation insurance company premiums, at best, it's...
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Heavy Trucks Can Cause Work Accidents On the Road

Heavy transport trucks are required to carry various levels of insurance coverage that is dependent on the nature of the materials being hauled. In truck collisions, it is common for leasing companies to fight over which company is responsible for compensating the victim. There are federal regulations in place to protect innocent victims by helping to ensure coverage. (more…)...
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The Complex Laws Around Workers’ Compensation

Accidents in the workplace are simply any injury a person sustains either at the workplace or performing specific duties on the job. This means you may be off the premises, but be performing work related duties for it to still be considered a work related accident.

How Often Do Workplace Accidents Happen?

The majority of a person's life will be spent working at their job and it is not uncommon for many people to experience some form of injury during that time. Although the majority of injuries sustained at the job, in fact, covers Queens Workers' Compensation, negligence from other causes requires the worker filing a personal injury claim. Many times the payout from these claims is very small, not covering all the expenses incurred by that injury.

Covered or Not Covered Under Queens Workers’ Compensation Laws in NY?

In the majority of states including New York, injured employees shall be covered and...
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