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Uncover the benefits of receiving Workers’ Compensation for injuries on Long Island.

Time Limits to Occupational Disease Workers’ Compensation Benefit Claims

When a worker gets injured or gets a disease from their work activities, they are quite often denied the benefits they deserve because a specific action cannot be pinpointed for the issue. This is not a necessary aspect to garner Workers' Compensation benefits. Here’s why.

The Problem with Occupational Injuries and Workers' Compensation

There is a clause that specifies occupational injury or disease. These conditions cannot be exacted to a specific event or time, but rather happen over a longitudinal period of time. Examples include those who work in the coal industry, construction and even those in less active positions in assembly and clerical work.Each and every one of these situations may be compensated under New York laws. Seeking the aid of our Long Island Workers' Compensation Law Firm can help in determining the merits of a claim.

Time Limits for Filing an Occupational Disease Case for Benefits

Occupational diseases are those that...
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Updates in Minimum Wage and Workers’ Compensation

In a recent news report, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a surprising proposal Thursday to raise the minimum wage for state workers to $15 on the same day when the last approval was received for the $15 minimum wage for New York State fast food employees.Governor Cuomo commented at the announcement rally that, "If you work fulltime you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food."In response to this announcement, Gates Town Supervisor, Mark Assini retorted that this wage hike would cause the town’s budget to have to be increased to $479,131.45 if Cuomo’s proposal were to come to fruition.He insisted that it would be detrimental to the elderly and those on fixed incomes, since the hike would result in needing to raise the property tax rate by more than 5%, thus exceeding New York’s 2% tax cap.Cuomo explained that the wage increase should...
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ICD-10 Being Adopted by New York State

According to a recent news article, New York State is in the midst of adopting ICD-10, which is a new medical coding system that is leading to some difficulties for health care providers as well as workers. The new ICD-10 coding system, which is particularly important for the usage with Workers’ Compensation claims, is thought to greatly improve the process of medical billing and classification but it may prove to be a difficult implementation. New York State is one of only 21 states currently adopting the rules, which will go live on October 1st.While New York is adopting the rules, 26 states currently have no plans to adopt it for Workers' Compensation claims but may adopt it for other processes including inpatient hospital billing (three states). This will result in many national health care providers and national insurance companies having to adopt multiple systems that can be difficult...
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