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Discover how to receive compensation for work accidents in workplaces on Long Island.

How to Receive Worker’s Compensation After an Injury in the Workplace

If you become injured on the job you may be entitled to cash benefits or medical care through Workers’ Compensation insurance.As an employee, you are not required to contribute to the cost of the Workers’ Compensation insurance. Employers pay for the premiums through a private insurer, however the claims are processed through a state agency called the Workers’ Compensation Board. If there is any dispute between the employee and employer as to the nature of the injuries, it will be decided by the Workers’ Compensation Board.

How Workers’ Compensation Differs from Insurance Programs

Unlike other insurance programs where the claimant might be awarded less or more compensation based on their role they played in the injury, Workers’ Compensation does not place blame on the employee or employer. There are a few exclusions to this, which include the employee being found to be on drugs, being intoxicated, or there was intent to injure...
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The History of Worker’s Compensation

The first known instance of compensation of bodily injury took place in ancient Sumeria during the reign of Ur-Nammu, king of Ur. A law, which he had instituted, provided for financial compensation from an employer to an injured worker. The first time this law is said to have been enforced was in 2050 B.C. Ever since then, groups in nearly every country have introduced laws and regulations regarding compensation for bodily injury.

How Workers’ Compensation Evolved in Workplaces

Over the period of many years, the policies have developed. For a long time in the early days, there was no distinguishing regulation in these cases between the loss of function of a body part and having an inability to do a job because of a disability.The Industrial Revolution meant a lot to Workers’ Compensation. After it began, there were many dangerous jobs being preformed on a regular basis. It soon became clear that...
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What to Do if Your Employer Threatens You After Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Suffering an on-the-job injury can be both physically and emotionally painful. Sometimes employers may subtly threaten to make your life difficult if you suggest getting lawyer involved. Workers’ Compensation is a provision design to help those who have been hurt to receive prompt medical care and lost wages.

What Insurance Companies May Do

Workers’ Compensation is not perfect, which usually means injured workers will most likely encounter some bumps along the road to both physical and financial recovery. Insurance companies may reluctantly recommend you see a specialist who may then downplay your injury.The doctor may refuse to run various tests that would help treat your condition. Doctors may even insist that you return to work even though you are far from recovering and still in pain. Sometimes things escalate to a point where you have no choice but to get lawyers involved.

What Happens When An Attorney Steps In?

While not all Workers’ Compensation...
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