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Find out the latest industry news for Workers’ Compensation on Long Island.

Why Should You Purchase Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

For employers on Long Island and throughout the state of New York, Workers’ Compensation insurance plans offer protection for most of the expenses you may incur when employees are injured on the job.These expenses include:
  • Medical care injury or illness as long as it is directly related to performance of duties on the job
  • Temporary or permanent disability payments to the employee if the injury or illness prevents them from working
  • Death benefits for the employee’s family if the injury or illness leads to the death of the employee
Many plans also offer legal representation for the employer should litigation or arbitration arise as a result of the employee's work-related injury or illness, as well as protections from lawsuits against employees as a result of injuries or illnesses incurred by their employees on the job. To find out more about these types of plans, you can contact Robert Golan’s Long...
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A Long Island Workers Compensation Attorney Answers the Question: What Is Going On With New York’s Outdated Workers’ Comp System

The Workers’ Compensation system, inherited by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, is over a century old. The New York system does not compare well with Workers’ Compensation systems in other states. Independent research and studies, carried out by the Worker’s Compensation Research Institute, makes it clear that the New York system is extremely dysfunctional. This is due to a variety of factors, but special interest lobbying and a failure to address current worker needs and interests were the two main culprits behind the system’s decline.

Tackling the Outdated New York Workers’ Compensation System – What’s Wrong With It?

The general consensus is that the New York system produces poor quality medical outcomes, and injured workers have to wait too long before receiving compensation. Slow compensation can easily lead to devastating consequences for injured workers and their families. Prompt attention and compensation for work-sustained injuries is beneficial to employers as well as the injured...
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Know if Workmans Comp Covers Obesity, Indemnity, and Pre-Existing Conditions

Because of the recent decision by American Medical Association (AMA) to classify obesity as a medical condition, questions have arisen vis-à-vis whether a claim of obesity can affect work comp.Prior to the AMA's decision, obesity was considered by insurance companies to be the result of poor dietary choices. Carriers regard matters of choice such as these as controllable by the insured; and therefore will not cover health conditions that arise from them.On occasion, an insurance company will allocate indemnity payments for disability claims adjusted to include a prior condition. In fact, disclosure is encouraged, for concealment of such can result in a loss of payments altogether.A third of all work comp claimants suffer from obesity. The shrinking of second injury funds is bad news for these claimants, who would be able to cite the AMA's decision when applying for reimbursements if such funds were available. The good news is that...
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