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How Firefighters’ Long Island Workers Compensation Covers Injuries on the Job

Just like any other injured worker, firefighters who are injured on the job in Long Island, NY are entitled to workers compensation benefits. Workers Comp includes payment on medical treatment, doctors’ bills, a percentage of lost salary, and any necessary disability pay. If a worker's injury proves to be fatal, death benefits are also included in worker's comp. Firefighters have a very dangerous occupation that is known and sometimes fought in other states, work injury compensation Long Island should still be paid.In New York, both volunteer and apprentice firefighters are covered under worker's compensation benefits. Both part time and full time firefighters are covered for Long Island work injury compensation also. In other states, these laws are different so having them in place in New York is incredibly beneficial to firefighters.The workers compensation benefits are covered for injuries that were created during an actual fire or other on the...
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How Long Island Work Injury Compensation Benefits Back or Neck Injured Workers

If you’ve had an accident at work that resulted in back and neck injuries, you can seek Long Island work injury compensation. When you are injured on the job, you may find that your employer does not take your case seriously. Neck and back injuries are serious and can result in debilitating conditions.Long Island work injury compensation is set aside for this reason because you will need money for wages lost, medical care, rehabilitation, and prescriptions. On the job accidents can happen at any time. Some workers are in more immediate danger, depending on the job position. Back and neck injuries can happen from slips and falls to pushing or lifting something heavy.Low Back and Neck StrainWhen a work injury occurs that causes low back or neck strain, it is usually from lifting heavy items or performing repetitive movements. Lifting, bending, twisting, squatting, and stooping can cause any worker back...
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How Long Island Work Accident Compensation Benefits Shoulder Work-Related Injuries

If you’re a worker that has experienced a shoulder injury on the job, you can contact an experienced lawyer for Long Island work accident compensation. Having work related injuries can often be confusing for workers who may expect to get right back to work. If you have shoulder pain, getting back to work is the last thing you would want to do because the condition could worsen.Shoulder StrainA shoulder strain can result from the muscle being stretched or torn. Having an injury that involves a sprain or strain can lead to treatment of limited movement and rest.Dislocated ShoulderWhen the shoulder joint becomes out of place, the shoulder is said to be dislocated. This types of work injury can occur from a fall or a heavy object striking the individual. An injured worker can tell if they have this type of injury because they wouldn’t be able to move the joint....
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